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Residential Lawn Care

We specialize in all your Residential Lawn Care needs
Proper lawn maintenance is vital to the appeal of your home. However, a well-groomed grass landscape can take up a lot of time and be a lot of trouble. Exceptional Lawn Care is a cut above the rest because our goal is to keep our clients happy long-term.


Unless specified differently, Exceptional Lawn Care will cut your grass to a specified length in a pattern that fits your lawn. With all of our lawn care services we provide a complete cutting service with special attention to precise cuts that leave your lawn looking excellent. All lawn and grass areas will be meticulously maintained and evenly cut. The frequency of the mowing services shall be designed around the annual growing season and the specific needs of your grounds.


With each mowing any structure, tree-base, sign, landscape, bed, fence, or shrub shall be trimmed to match the even cut level of mowed grass areas . We trim the lines at the proper angle to keep a clean looking edge. A proper line trim with the correct slope will compliment your cut grass and clean edge. Every lawn is different in it’s growth and appeal and we cut them accordingly.


A clean edge completes the appeal of your grass and we provide a complete edge with every cut. With each mowing, all walkways, parking lots, curbs, paved areas and landscape perimeters will be edged.


All grass, tree, shrub, and miscellaneous debris resulting from our services will be removed from the premises. Walkways and driveways will be cleaned of grass clippings and or debris. If any service extends overnight, due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances, all walkway areas will be cleaned to the best extent possible prior to our departure.

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